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CCG Projects are the fundamental web-based projects with user-generated content.
CCG is abbreviation for "Computer Communities Generator" phrase. CCG Projects are founded by Webfather Media in 2003. Old CCG Projects lunched in 2003 which they were static and expired now. New CCG Projects lunched in 2008 since now, which they are dynamic and active now.
CCG projects are made and developed directly by Professional Home Programming (PHP) and Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML).
CCG Sima - Database of the World Television Networks in Persian


    Gahsima - TV Guide
    CCG Sima Live - Online Broadcasting of Persian Televisions
    Persian Televisions Messages
MyCCG - CCG Account for Persian Territories



CCG Translation

    My Watch List
    My Ad
    My Flag (Secured)
    My Purse (Secured)
CCG Viewpoint - Users Viewpoints in Persian (Archived in 07/26/2013)

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